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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sprinkles Sprinkles Everywhere!

Well, here it is... my first official blog! Isn't this exciting!!? :)

So today (Sunday) the extent of my time in the kitchen was a whole 5 minutes to make coffee. :) I know... I over-did it!
"Cake Balls" actually... we didn't have
sticks so we used frill picks! lol 

Yesterday, Krista and I made dark chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla/chocolate swirl buttercream... Yum. Then with the extra (baked) cake batter we made cake pops! They were delicious! Dark chocolate cake mixed with chocolate buttercream dipped in vanilla candy melts. 

"Black & Whites"
The cupcakes were pretty... unfortunately their prettiness was short lived when en route to a poker party John and I were headed to we hit a dip in the road and me and the cupcakes were launched upwards.  Let's just say if it hadn't been for the plastic wrap I would have been covered in buttercream & sprinkles. :)  Most of them were smashed but fortunately still edible. It was actually pretty funny.  You'd be surprised at the places sprinkles can end up! :)

So that was this weekend... definitely more to follow!  xoxo


  1. guess who was the first to post a comment....this guy!!

  2. I am excited to see more.....Love all the pictures......